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GMAT sama GRE — Apa bedanya? October 17, 2010

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Saya mendengar GRE dan GMAT akan mengalami perubahan besar?

That’s correct — because they are competing for the same b-school market. The expected result is that the similarities between the tests will increase.

Expected GRE changes (by around Aug 2011):


  • No more analogies and antonyms
  • More emphasis on reading and reasoning


  • More data interpretation and problem solving/case study
  • Onscreen calculator

All Sections:

  • Questions with multiple correct answers
  • More analysis, less synthesis

Expected GMAT changes:

  • Time frame : Expected by June 2012
  • New section:  “Integrated reasoning” uses charts, graphs, and spreadsheets to test problem solving skills
  • Other: Headphones to test “auditory learning style”
  • AWA: Only one question (issue or argument)

Pada dasarnya, apa bedanya  GRE & GMAT ?

•    Harga (GRE cuma USD 165)
•    Kalau GMAT, soal quantitative (matematika) lebih rumit
•    Kalau GRE soal kosakata lebih rumit

Tetapi persaingan GRE / GMAT hebat saat ini; menjadi susah dijawab.

Saya lebih baik ikut tes yang mana dan kapan saja?

If you’re good at math, take the GMAT before it changes. If you’re better at English, then take the GRE before it changes.

Aspek apa dari tes2 ini yang tetap sama?

Heavy emphasis on logical reasoning (how to put together and take apart an argument)


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