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Money back when you take the GMAT October 17, 2010

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Money back when you take the GMAT between 19 and 24 November 2010! Here’s what will happen:

  • Normal price of USD 250 will apply at registration.
  • Your test will be 30 minutes longer than usual because of an experimental section.
  • If you try to get the right answer on this section of the test you’ll probably get a “reward” for USD 25

How do I know about this?

You should to www.mba.com first to register. If you choose the test dates in question at UI in Salemba, Jakarta, then you’ll probably see the following message:

Your test appointment will last approximately 4½ hours. At the end of your standard GMAT exam, you will be asked to answer 12-15 additional questions during a special 30-minute research session. These questions will not count toward your GMAT score and will not be shared with schools. You will receive a US$25 reward if you put forth reasonable effort to answer these questions


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