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MBA 2011 — masih ada waktu (tapi sedikit ; ) November 17, 2010

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Fall 2011 admissions update:

Welcome back from holiday. Please notice that it’s not yet too late for fall 2011. If you don’t have time to read the entire post, at least download the deadline/ application information link (.pdf) so you have all the information for top MBA programs next fall. It’s a great resource. It will help you make your decisions faster this week.

For that matter, today is a good time to put all your test prep and applications tasks onto one calendar. Then print it. The whole process may take you 5 hours or more. But it’s worth it. I promise you can finish the calendaring process in one day.

Here’s what I would recommend:

Informasi GMAT MBA

  • Your TOEFL/ IELTS should be complete by now
  • So, go online now and create candidate profiles/accounts at all your target MBA programs
  • Now, draw up a short list of referees (to write your letters of recommendation) and send them an E-mail tomorrow
  • You should register for GMAT by Friday (this week)
  • Purchase your study materials this week
  • Once you’re familiar with what you have to study, put your test day and all study tasks and goals to complete before test day on the calendar
  • Schedule 2 days “holiday” from your study routine to make an 1) outline 2) rough draft of your personal statement
  • Add DHL / Fed-Ex dates to calendar (leave 5 days for hard copies to reach the admissions office from Indonesia)
  • Working backwards from your the DHL/ Fed-Ex dates, add your other applications tasks to the calendar so that everything can be finished in time (notice this may require you to revise your “budgeted” test prep hours)

Finally, E-mail calendar to strata.g.indonesia@gmail.com. Time permitting, we  can provide my general observations about the practicality, ambitiousness and risk factors entailed by your goals and calendaring.  (You’ll need to complete our intake survey so we know your academic profile and current employment demands.)


1. B. Tzong - November 18, 2010

please let me know if you change the information in this post because i have to apply today. Thanx!

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