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GRE akan berubah format Agustus 2011 (so take the old one now!) January 27, 2011

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Here’s the good news about the revised general test. Why is it good news? Because this means there’s still seven months to take the old test. Please note that seven months is enough to study for the  test and do a good job. I would suggest that you start now.

Why is the old format GRE better than the new one? Because no one is sure what’s on the new test. It’s brand new! But here at Strata-G we know exactly what’s on the old GRE.  And there aren’t going to be any changes until August. That means that, if you take the test before August, you have the benefit of years and years of research by GRE experts like Mark Stewart.

But if you wait until the new GRE, then it’s too late to use any of the vast body of research and study materials that have been created over the years. You’re literally on your own.

If you do have to take the new GRE, then — if you can — wait until there’s a good stream of feedback about what’s on it.



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