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“@America” Culture Center @ Pacific Place, Jakarta February 28, 2011

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♣ Pusat budaya Amerika yang terbaru di Jakarta adalah @America. Infonya dalam Bahasa Indonesia ada disini.

The new culture center in town is called @America (At America). There are two ways you can visit. Either go to Floor 3 of Pacific Place mall in Jakarta. Or click here (hope your browser works better than mine :  -)

The brand-new @America center is a free, high-tech public diplomacy project concept that opened last month. The motto is “explore, experience, express.” The mission is to wow and woo young people in Indonesia with wrap-around media, Apple iPads and opportunities to study in the US.

In fact, if you visit in person you’ll get an iPad when you walk in the door. BUT, you have to give it back when you’re finished exploring and experiencing the center.  If you visit the website you can sign up for free, meet people, and contribute discussions about undergraduate and graduate study in the US, among other topics.

What will you see if you visit @America at Pacific Place mall?  Recent themes and features include oceanography and African-American history. Tomorrow — 1 March 2011 — from 7-9 pm you can catch a free jazz show.

The center and website are sponsored by the United States of America, with guidance provided by the US Embassy in Jakarta.

Any secrets? Well, @America is looking for people and ideas to help connect US and Indonesia. Click here to participate in the discussion now. If you have specific expertise or experience with American culture — anything from religion to reggae, you may wish to directly submit your proposal for collaboration. Or, you can even become involved as a a paid employee, such as a guide, AV specialist or even assistant site manager.

explore, experience, express,



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