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Can I get an F-1 visa for study at a community college in the US? March 7, 2011

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Can I start at Edmond’s Community College and transfer to University of California, Berkeley? Why not? 

Did you know that 46% of Americans with a bachelor’s degree (at least 4 years) started at community college (usually 2 years)? Including me!

But what about the visa? Some Indonesian students say they’re worried about getting their F-1. Will US immigration officials give me an F-1 visa for a community college or two-year college instead of a “real” university.

You shouldn’t worry about that anymore. A community college isn’t a fake university. Perhaps in the past the community college — also known as a two-year college –was a “secret weapon” for American students.

At least that’s how a US Embassy official described it to me recently. But now the secret’s out and everybody knows that a community college (CC) is a great place for international students, including Indonesians. The community college strategy is even being promoted within Indonesia by the US State Department which manages official US immigration and education matters.

Q: How can I get my F-1 Visa to study at a community college in California, Washington, Texas, Massachsuetts or another state?

A: If you have legitimate documents to show that you have completed your education in Indonesia; and you have a legitimate community college chosen in the United States; and you have the funds to pay for your education — then you will get your F-1 visa.

Here is a link to learn more about a few community colleges that are already reaching out to Indonesia. However, in total, there are more than 1100 community colleges in the US. Sometimes the name includes “City College”  or — in New Jersey –“County College”). Typically a community college offers a two-year program and you finish with an associate degree. Then you transfer to a 4-year university. That’s the idea, anyway.

However, in practice the transfer process is not standardized. So you will need assistance in deciding how to design a successful strategy for transfer from a college >> 4-year university.



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1. Paul - August 21, 2011

My brother filed a I-130 for me, As I am considering to apply for further graduate training, I am looking at applying for a F-1 student visa. Here are my questions:

Can I do so while the I-130 is in process or do I need to abandon the I-130?

2. uscitizenshipblog - August 28, 2011

I applied for 3 Universities. I got one I-20 from Univ, but I am sure that I am going to get I-20 from another Univ also.

Can I book for my Visa interview for First approval Univ and later change it to for another?

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