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Focus on application essay this year: why it matters for MBA applicants from Indonesia September 24, 2011

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Summary: This article discusses the importance of essays in the application process, concluding with 12 points that will guide in conceptualizing the personal statement/ statement of purpose. And here’s tip 13:  Put your feedback/editing team on standby now (parents, professor, professional editor), so they’ll be ready when you finish your first draft.

No matter how good your marks and GMAT score, you can very easily be rejected by top programs like HBS, LBS, INSEAD, Wharton, Haas because you don’t fit the demographic (i.e. too many Asians, not enough Latinos, etc)

Personal Statement Sampoerna

Sampoerna Access' essay "boot camp" (no relation to Strata-G) is an example of this new local focus

Your personal statement (statement of purpose) is very important since it lets you identify and define yourself so you can fit in better.

In theory, MBA applications are counter-cyclical to the job market. In other words, when jobs are hard to find — supposedly — that’s when people go back to school.

But no one really knows. With a bad job market in the US and Europe applications actually fell last year (e.g. Harvard down by 4% and Wharton by about 6 %) .  And this general down trend will likely continue in 2011.

However, the schools say their quality standards and acceptance rates have not changed (they still have plenty of people to reject).

Take the U.S. for example. There, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) last week reported that students from Asia-Pacific  now account for 61% of all full-time b-school applications.  That could pose an demographic problem for some schools  (“too many” Asians).

What’s more, the GMAC data shows that the vast majority of finance programs — 83% — saw applications go up. Master’s in management apps. went up by 69%;  accounting programs were up by 51%.

There’s another reason why quality of your statement matters: this will help the school predict how you handle English language writing assignments. Do you have the skills  yourself?  Are you willing and able to seek out writing help?

Please comment on these 12 tips from Strata-G . You won’t find them anywhere besides this blog. We hope they’ll give you perspective and confidence. Please note that Sampoerna ACCESS  has essay-writing workshops coming up (28 Sept. and 1 Oct.)



1. Sharehouse Jakarta - September 28, 2011

I attended this session and it was worthwhile. I had the opportunity to sit in the applicant’s chair and think a bit about why the personal statement is a hard task. It’s not about the number of words. It’s not about how much writing experience you have. It’s a communications challenge and all it takes is preparation — like working on a speech.

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