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“Unheard of” schools like Green River recruit thousands of Indonesians, other international students February 6, 2012

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In NYT article titled Illegal Overseas Ross Jennings, VP at Green River Community College (Auburn Washington) suggetsts the community college wouldn’t have been able to recruit its 1400 international students without the help of agents ” “since the whole community college concept of coming for two years and then transferring to a four-year university is unknown in most countries.”

It’s using agents that’s controversial — perhaps “illegal” — not the students themselves. It’s the old notion that education, although the beginning of one’s  career is different in important ways. Supposedly it’s a time when you have a bunch of decisions and choices to make. And everybody — including employers — want to see how you make those choices. Everyone is a bit disappointed — I guess — to think that you weren’t actually the one making the decisions. Instead you were part of a money-making scheme involving a community college with big ambitions but apparently not a lot of resources.

“We need agents who know us and understand what we do,” said Jennings, according to the article.

Actually, I think a lot of  Indonesians have heard of this school. You can even transfer to Berkeley from GRCC.

Would I go to GRCC? Probably. Sounds pretty fun with all the international students, etc. A lot more relaxed than Berkeley. Score some easy credits and transfer. I just wonder what the advantage of using an agent is ??


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