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Sun. 12 Aug | S2 info session @America: info on Wharton, Stanford, Harvard & graduate scholarships August 9, 2012

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If you live near Pacific Place (S. Jakarta) then arrive early, sit in front, and just let the information wash over you. Don’t worry because some of it always sinks in.
Pacific Place

(Full disclosure: my passport says Stanford, California because that’s where my mom & dad were living when I was born.)

I also must admit that it’s pretty tough to imagine before you go what you will experience if you study overseas. Of course, it helps if you have a friend or family member who’s already gone that route. Still, my view is that participating in these types of events does pay off.

The difference between Stanford-style education and what we’ve been able to offer so far here in Indonesia is probably a little drastic. But every Indonesian who graduates from top programs like these and comes back to give us a report — well, eventually that will have an impact. So just follow along and try to imagine.

A little advice:  don’t ask a question unless you’re sure it’s clear, generally applicable and well-stated.  An academic sharing session like this is not the appropriate forum to seek information that applies specifically to your own “outta Indo” academic adventure. And it’s certainly not the time to practice your public speaking skills.

Hope to see you Sunday!


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