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Get outta here. Go! March 19, 2017

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6945817073_3b1511e789_o.jpgGoing overseas to study isn’t just one thing. It’s a lot of things: A strategy, a statement, an investment, a leap of faith.

I get it. I love it. And I live it.

And that’s what this blog is about: Getting out of Indonesia. I want to hear your story, too; but here’s mine.

I left the United States for the first time when I was in 6th grade. I went to Mexico to shoot a film with my dad. Our luggage got impounded by the officials at the Mexico City airport. We almost lost all the cameras. And so we got on a plane and headed back to the U.S. And I loved it.

The second time, we rented a huge motorhome, hid all the cameras deep inside, and filled the vehicle with children, mothers, uncles, grandmas – one big crazy family vacation. Actually, not. It was business and pleasure that time. We drove down to Mexico City and shot the film. And then we went to relax at my aunt’s house in Cuernavaca. I missed a month of junior high; and it was glorious.

The third time I went overseas I stayed for almost two years. I was a missionary. This was a huge experience. Massive. That’s why I speak Spanish. That’s why I study migration. That’s what I wrote about in my personal statement for Berkeley (Go Bears!).

And that’s why I’m living in Indonesia – and why my daughter is Indonesian.

I love to see the sun set behind the Mt. Pangrango and Mt Gede, the two volcanoes nearest Jakarta. I love to be awakened by a chorus of birds and look out to see the Bali Strait. I love to roll through the slums of South Jakarta on my motor scooter, where flooding forces all the families to evacuate and sleep in a communal shelter 5-10 times a year during rainy season.

And I love to hear Indonesians say that they’re headed to my country, or your country — or anywhere – to learn new things and have new experiences.

There is no downside, my friends. Just go.



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