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Applications depend on which level of study (S1, S2, S3) as well as the field of study (law, business, engineering, etc.) However, around the world admissions committees rely on some of certain standard indicators to predict now candidates will perform if admitted.

Strata-GTest Prep & CV prepares applications to leading masters programs in the United States, England, Holland and Australia. The following standard components are required for MBA admissions overseas:

Letters of recommendation are critical part of almost every type of academic and workplace recruiting. The SOP (ie, personal statement), however, causes more concern for students applying from Indonesia. While CV and SOP requirements at the undergraduate level may be merely pro forma, for applying to competitive law school, business school and other master’s programs these documents are critical.

Our advice is for everyone –even native speakers — is that professional editing assistance is required before sending these documents to the admissions committee.

Strata-G’s Credentials & Recommendations Committee comprises a network of American educators (currently 10 members) who have been cooperating closely with each other since 1999. Specializations include international comparative education, educational multimedia, immigration law and home schooling. Collectively we have more than 25 year’s experience in competitive graduate and undergraduate admissions.

For fee information on SG Indonesia’s credentials review and editing services send an E-mail to strata.g.indonesia@gmail.com.

Alternatively, you can connect with us via Facebook.


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